• Emphasis on Quality

    Upgrade your AKG headphones with our high-quality replacement cables. Crafted for durability and superior sound, these cables ensure you get the best audio experience. Every material used is rigorously tested for optimal results.

  • Customization Options

    Personalize your AKG cables with a variety of customization choices. Choose from millions of variations to match your style.

    Whether you prefer vibrant colors or a classic look, the choice is yours.

  • Why Upgrade?

    Stock cables often compromise on materials and construction. Our replacement cables, made with premium materials, eliminate impurities and inconsistencies, providing clear, uncolored sound that enhances your listening experience.

Discover Aranea, Ariadne, and Cordura

Derived from the Latin word for “spider,” these braided cables emphasize intricate weaving. They offer the highest level of customization with up to four color selections. Handcrafted by our team, Aranea cables are highly flexible and exceptionally robust.


Named after the mythological figure who helped navigate the labyrinth, these paracord sleeved cables are designed for strength and aesthetics. The paracord material ensures high tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear, while offering a sleek, modern look and a pleasant touch. They are the most flexible version of the three, making them ideal for versatile use.

Although not a Latin word, “Cordura” combines “cord” and “durable,” reflecting the exceptional durability of these MDPC-X sleeved cables. Perfect for those needing a heavy-duty option, these cables withstand harsh conditions while maintaining excellent performance. The vibrant colors add a striking visual element.