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Custom Cable Jack to Your Choice

Custom Cable Jack to Your Choice

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Handmade high-end headphone cable replacement. This cable was built with high-quality materials to guarantee the best performance, carefully chosen after lots of tests. Not only looks good, and performs exceptionally well, but it also feels premium to the touch. It's the perfect companion for your cherished cans, to make them more personal, and an overall better experience.

The braiding helps avoid tangling and strengthens the cable against pulls (which will avoid breaking the copper inside).

  • Compatible with the following models: Sony MDR-1A, MDR-1AM2, MDR-7520 & MDR-Z1000, HIFIMAN Edition S, Beats, Bowers & Wilkins, Oppo PM-3 headphones. It will work with any other headphones that use 3.5mm TRS Jack (The standard), stereo setups, and phones.
  • Made using the finest OFC (oxygen-free copper) core for the highest level of transparency and truthful tone
  • Professionally soldered with a WBT 4% Silver solder
  • Proper strain relief, not prone to kinking
  • Exceptional shielding and construction thanks to the braid - Fairly light-weight, flexible, and feels incredible to the touch
  • Built to last
  • Hand-made with utmost care to detail and quality
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The Shortcomings of OEM Cables

OEM cables, the default choice for most headphones, are rarely designed with the audiophile in mind. Constructed with cost rather than quality in mind, these cables employ inferior conductors, poor shielding, and materials which can stifle the true capabilities of your headphones. The result is a sound experience that falls short of what your headphones can truly offer, marked by diminished clarity and detail.

Our cables transcend the ordinary, crafted from high-grade Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) to ensure superior signal transmission and sound quality. Every cable is hand-braided, which not only enhances the cable's aesthetic appeal but significantly boost its ability to block Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI) naturally, preserving the purity of your music.

Transforming Signals into Symphony

In the realm of high-fidelity audio, the pursuit of perfection drives us to employ materials and construction techniques that elevate the listening experience to new heights. Our cables are at the forefront of this quest, meticulously engineered for the discerning audiophile. At the core of our cables lies a foundation built from strands of Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC), chosen for its exceptional purity and electrical conductivity. This copper, organized into precise configurations, minimizes electrical resistance and ensures that every nuance of the audio signal is preserved and transmitted with utmost fidelity.

For insulation, each conductor is enveloped in polyethylene (PE), prized for its leading dielectric qualities. This strategic selection boosts the cable's electrical conductance and also its durability and bendability. The cable’s low capacitance, marked at 46 pF/ft, highlights the design’s proficiency in diminishing signal loss and temporal delays, ensuring the delivery of a sound that is both distinct and fluid.

The cables are meticulously engineered, not merely as conduits for sound, but as bridges to the soul of the music. In the realm of high-fidelity audio, where every detail holds weight, our premium cables stand as the choice for those seeking to journey closer to the heart of their favorite melodies.

Your Style, Your Sound

The shift from generic OEM cables to our bespoke audio solutions marks the beginning of a journey towards auditory excellence and individual expression. With more than 73 million possible configurations, our service invites you to infuse your cables with a personal touch, ensuring every detail aligns with your unique taste and style.

Choose from an extensive palette of over 28 colors, with limited editions that rotate to keep your selection fresh and vibrant. Beyond color, the cable's braiding style not only contributes to its aesthetic appeal but enhances its durability too.

At the heart of this personalization lies the splitter, elegantly designed to separate the cable before connecting to your headphones, adding a layer of sophistication. And because a cable's true purpose is to seamlessly connect your world to your music, we offer a wide range of high-quality connectors. This ensures that no matter your device or headphones, the connection is as flawless as the sound it delivers.

Here, customization is the cornerstone of a deeply personal audio journey, transforming each listening moment into an exclusive concert tailored just for you. Personalize your cable now and rediscover your music.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gilles J.

nice contact with Albert, all ok

Alan Z.
Good quality and fast service. Great commu...

Good quality and fast service.
Great communication. Just purchased a further cable.

Yishuan R.
The cable quality is amazing! Also Albert...

The cable quality is amazing! Also Albert was super helpful in giving me all the information I asked for including a quick mockup of the colors I chose! Highly recommended!

Tom W.
Nice product, quick delivery. Colourful.

Nice product, quick delivery. Colourful.

Samuel B.
I ordered headphone cables for my Beyerdyn...

I ordered headphone cables for my Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro. Customer service experiment was delightful. A helpful fellow kept answering to my questions and requests all the way through. I got multiple pictures on the way of the different variations etc.

When I finally ended up placing the order for two cables (one for myself and one for my friend) it didnt take long till I got a message about the cable being on their way to my location. The package with the both cables arrived in great condition.

Now after a week of usage I have to say I am extremely pleased with the cable. It is extremely light, doesn't tangle and overall built quality is great. If I had to nitpick the only downside of the cable would be the 3pin xlr Rean connector to the headphones (locking mechanism could be better).
Overall super cables.


Where do you ship?

We ship internationally!

You will receive the tracking information in your email once the order has been shipped.

What are the shipping times?

1-3 Days for: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland.
4-6 Days for the rest of Europe.
8-14 Days internacionally.

Please note that these delivery times are estimated.

What is the difference between Neutrik and Viablue 6.35mm Jacks?

Neutrik is widely used in the music industry for its exceptional performance and durability, making it a popular choice for live shows. It also offers great value for its performance per price ratio and is manufactured in the US.

On the other hand, Viablue caters to high-end users who seek nothing but the best. Its impeccable build quality and top-notch performance set it apart from other brands. Viablue cables are made in Germany and are the ideal choice for audiophiles who want the most accurate and truthful representation of their recordings.

What are the Splitters for?

It's important to note that splitters are purely decorative and do not
have any impact on the audio quality or durability of the cables we offer.

As such, your decision to include a splitter in your setup should be based solely on your aesthetic preferences and not on any functional benefits.

What is the Viablue splitter made of? Is it heavy?

The Viablue splitter is made of aluminium, so it's very lightweight and scratch resistant.

Your cables are great, but I can’t find what I’m looking for. Can you help?

Yes, if there is some special color, or anything else you can’t find on our store, contact us.

We will see what we can do for you :)

Are the cables balanced?

All the cables are balanced except the AKG and Audio Technica m50x series.