• The craftmanship rivals the likes of Artemisa

    Every cable has been assembled by hand by us with the utmost care to detail.
    Let us know what the characteristics should be like and we take care of the rest.

  • Professional Audio quality

    Thanks to having been working with musicians and studios for years, we understand the needs of the pros. We use materials that have been tested exhaustively and compared till we found the best results only.

  • Not 100% happy with your headphones?

    Upgrade them with versatility and uniqueness. Modify your headphones to your liking, thanks to the detachable cable mods, custom cables, and painted headphones. 

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One of my best audio purchases! This cable made my LCD-2C sound amazing and it looks stunning - the workmanship on it is really on a whole different level than anything else I’ve seen!

Furthermore, Albert is by far the nicest guy in the business - extremely helpful, friendly, patient and accommodating with excellent communication.

Finally, shipping across Europe was lightning fast!

I’ve definitely found my endgame store for headphone cables!

- Georgios Makris

So as I sit here listening to a variety of tunes on my Hifiman Sundara headphones, I cannot believe nor quite understand how a rather simple change of cable can make such a noticeable difference.

Everything sounds tidier, and yet somehow smoother too. I am in awe -- and the cable looks the part too. It is somewhat stiff, but very malleable - and is SO MUCH better than the super-annoying stock cable.

Not only that, the help that Albert gave until I clicked the 'Purchase' button was invaluable -- and you can truly tell he is passionate about what he does. Thanks so much!

- Ricardo Ramos

Great headphone cable, looks beautiful, well made and nice to handle. Most importantly it is a significant improvement in sound quality using my Denon AH-D7200 headphones, the soundstage has opened up nicely, there is more detail and a slight high frequency edginess has been tamed. Very happy! Will definitely be buying some of these cables for my Sennheiser HD 650s.

- Jim Cretton

The quality is amazing. It looks exactly how I hoped it would and Albert even took the time to respond to my questions after receiving the cable.

If you see this review and are wondering if you should buy from Arachne Audio, then let this message be the reason for you to do so. It was for sure worth it.

- Runedwx Kris