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  • Custom cable samples

    Your audio setup should be as unique as your listening taste. From intricate braiding techniques to a wide color palette, we invite you to design the cable of your dreams.

    Request your samples today, and tweak the details until they sing in harmony with your expectations.

  • Personalized headphones

    Your headphones should sound great and look just as impressive. We offer you the canvas to customize your audio gear with colors and designs that tell your story.

    Let us prepare a mock-up of your design, allowing you to visualize the transformation and make adjustments until it's perfect. Bridge the imagination into reality.

  • Expert audio restorations

    The headphones are an extension of your auditory passion, and we understand the importance of keeping them in pristine condition.

    Let our professional technicians provide the care and expertise your headphones deserve, ensuring they return to you sounding better than ever. Get in touch for a consultation and let’s restore the soul of your sound.

Let's bridge the imagination with reality together


Where do you ship?

We ship internationally!

You will receive the tracking information in your email once the order has been shipped.

What are the shipping times?

1-3 Days for: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland.
4-6 Days for the rest of Europe.
8-14 Days internacionally.

Please note that these delivery times are estimated.

What is the difference between Neutrik and Viablue 6.35mm Jacks?

Neutrik is widely used in the music industry for its exceptional performance and durability, making it a popular choice for live shows. It also offers great value for its performance per price ratio and is manufactured in the US.

On the other hand, Viablue caters to high-end users who seek nothing but the best. Its impeccable build quality and top-notch performance set it apart from other brands. Viablue cables are made in Germany and are the ideal choice for audiophiles who want the most accurate and truthful representation of their recordings.

What are the Splitters for?

It's important to note that splitters are purely decorative and do not
have any impact on the audio quality or durability of the cables we offer.

As such, your decision to include a splitter in your setup should be based solely on your aesthetic preferences and not on any functional benefits.

What is the Viablue splitter made of? Is it heavy?

The Viablue splitter is made of aluminium, so it's very lightweight and scratch resistant.

Your cables are great, but I can’t find what I’m looking for. Can you help?

Yes, if there is some special color, or anything else you can’t find on our store, contact us.

We will see what we can do for you :)

Are the cables balanced?

All the cables are balanced except the AKG and Audio Technica m50x series.